Caregiver Quality Assurance

Caregiver Quality Assurance

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Our Care Is Quality Certified!

The quality of our staff and the care they provide are our most important assets. At Regency Home Care of North Atlanta, we’re proud that our caregivers are not only experienced professionals, but also certified by Caregiver Quality Assurance.

What does Caregiver Quality Assurance mean to you and your family?

Most importantly, it shows that we go above and beyond standard background testing, which is only able to flag documented criminal or other wrongful activities, but does nothing to screen potential risk or behaviors that have managed to slip through the cracks.

With the Caregiver Quality Assurance program, behaviors and personality characteristics are identified upfront, including:

  • Dependability — Measures the risk that an individual will be undependable, careless, or disorganized.
  • Honesty — Measures the risk for dishonest behavior.
  • Hostility — Measures the risk of a person being aggressive, hostile, or having poor control of their anger.
  • Substance Abuse — Measures the risk of substantial use of alcohol or illegal drugs.
  • Sexual Harassment — Measures behaviors regarding sexuality that are likely to be considered harassment.
  • Computer Misuse — Measures the risk of using computers and the Internet in ways unrelated to job tasks.
  • Cognitive Reasoning — Evaluates problem-solving abilities and learning speed.

Hiring the best caregivers

With this pre-assessment information in hand, we’re then poised to be able to identify and hire the cream of the crop: those caregivers that stand head and shoulders above the rest by showing the most integrity, trustworthiness, and sense of compassion. In a nutshell – they’re the caregivers we would hire to care for our own family members.

The safety, security and happiness of your loved ones are why we are in business. Caregiver Quality Assurance is a major component of our success, and we feel strongly that the results gained through this extra screening step are worth the additional effort.

For quality home health care in Marietta, Atlanta, and the surrounding areas, turn to Regency Home Care’s certified expert care staff. Click the map below to get more details about the area we service.

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