Diabetes Care Management

diabetes care managementDiabetes is a complex disease, requiring ongoing care tasks to ensure proper management and optimum care for the diabetic. Diabetes care can quickly become overwhelming, with the need for consistent monitoring of blood glucose levels, careful adherence to dietary restrictions, medication management, insulin injections, exercise, and more.

With assistance from Regency Home Care’s fully trained and experienced proxy caregivers, diabetes care management can be effective, efficient, and streamlined – eliminating stress for both the person with diabetes and his or her family caregivers.

In partnership with the senior’s medical team, Regency’s proxy caregivers can:

  • Plan, prepare and serve healthy, nutritious meals according to any dietary restrictions
  • Assist in implementing an appropriate exercise program and encouraging ongoing participation
  • Review the medication plan and establish a system for taking medications exactly as prescribed
  • Set up medications, including crushing any meds as needed and directed by the doctor
  • Insulin injection assistance
  • Check the feet and skin and report any potential diabetes-related changes
  • Monitor vital signs before and after medication administration
  • Blood sugar checks
  • Pick up prescriptions and run other errands
  • Provide escorted transportation to medical appointments and procedures

Additionally, a registered nurse can review medications for potential side effects and communicate any concerns, such as adverse reactions, to the physician.

Questions About Our Diabetes Home Care Services in Atlanta?

We’d love to talk with you to discover the particular challenges your senior loved one is facing with diabetes care management, and to share more ways that our professional Atlanta senior care team can help.

Whether you and your loved one prefer assistance in the home, or are interested in around-the-clock care at one of our Residences by Regency – the perfect option for seniors who prefer a home environment over an institution such as a nursing home – we’re here to offer a solution to enhance overall wellbeing and quality of life, independence, and safety. Contact us at 678.999.2466 at your convenience to learn more!