Be Sure to Check for These Red Flags During Holiday Visits with Aging Parents

Smiling Mature nurse embracing senior woman and holding a Christmas gift while sitting on the sofa.Living far apart makes it tough to go visit our aging parents as often as we would wish, but over the holidays, families make a more concerted effort to enjoy quality time together – making it the optimal occasion to assess an older adult’s safety and wellbeing. There are lots of red flags that can’t be witnessed in weekly telephone conversations, e-mails, or even through Skype, but which often become apparent when the family is all together during the holiday season. [Read more…]

Holidays with Alzheimer’s: Georgia Home Care Experts Share Helpful Tips

Photo of elderly woman having breakfast with her caregiversObserving the holiday season through the lens of Alzheimer’s disease can feel anything but merry and bright. Family members might be stressed with caregiving duties, and the disruption to routine can cause more distress for a person struggling with the effects of dementia. [Read more…]

Eating the Right Stuff: How to Help COPD Through Your Diet

Good companion makes this breakfast more tastyAs shared by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, nearly 12 million adults are currently diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), and it is also estimated that another 12 million may possibly be living with the disease and not even realize it. It’s also worth mentioning that COPD frequently hits in middle age, with smoking as the primary risk factor. Regular exposure to certain types of dusts and chemicals also contributes to a heightened risk factor.  [Read more…]

Get to Know the Boomerangs – the Older Sandwich Generation

Due in part to the advances of science and medicine, humans are living longer than ever before, resulting in a new role for the sandwich generation (adults providing care for both children and aging parents): the role of the boomerang generation. [Read more…]

The Scientific Benefits of Social Activities for Seniors

It appears instinctive to some folks that interacting socially with others improves wellbeing by keeping one connected to other people’s experiences, beliefs, challenges, humor, points of view, and a host of other human happenings. Now, scientific studies are displaying the benefits of social activities for seniors that could boost the wellness of both the brain and body. [Read more…]

How Our Atlanta Caregivers Are Helping Seniors Achieve Life Goals

Atlanta Caregivers“Someday…”

There is no question you could dream up a number of ways to finish that sentence – most likely with things you’ve always dreamed of doing, but put away until a date when money or time allows. But what about your senior loved ones? They still have aspirations, dreams, and hopes for the future.  [Read more…]

Professional Care at Home After a Hospitalization or Illness

Companion CareAn unexpected hospitalization and a planned surgery have one thing in common: when coming home, it is hard to know at what level you will function and how long it will take to resume normal activities. Whether for a few days or a longer term, pre-arranging a Regency Home Care caregiver who understands the specific care requirements can provide you with the comfort needed to focus on recuperation or rehabilitation, while the caregiver also keeps the household running smoothly. Regency Home Care provides whatever help is needed, including:

[Read more…]

ALS Caregiving Tips to Foster Independence

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a life-changing neurodegenerative disease that robs a person of many functions. It can be a devastating diagnosis, but independence can help fuel a fighting spirit! There are many strategies that can help a person with ALS or another muscle disease retain the highest possible degree of independence. Here are a few ALS caregiving tips: [Read more…]