The Latest Promising Clinical Trials for Alzheimer’s Treatment

5.7 million American seniors, or 10 percent of those over age 65, are currently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease – and that number is anticipated to rise to as many as 14 million by the year 2050. The race is on as experts scramble to find a cure or, at least, an effective treatment option. And besides the emotional toll the condition takes on both individuals diagnosed and their loved ones, the financial impact is shocking, costing as much as $277 billion in 2018 and expected to grow to over $1 trillion by 2050.

The latest findings in Alzheimer’s clinical trials.

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The Key Skills that Make a Great Family In Home Caregiver

Senior woman with daughter

Learn the skills you need to provide better care for your senior loved one.

If you’re providing care for a senior family member, it’s possible that you stumbled into the responsibility without having formal training: you saw the requirement, and gallantly stepped forward to meet it. Yet, at Regency Home Care, comprehensive training is provided to each of our professional in-home caregivers before they are fully equipped to safely and effectively take care of seniors. Through our efforts to encourage family caregivers, we’ve detailed a few of the crucial skills necessary to be the best possible family in home caregiver. [Read more…]

Get to Know the Boomerangs – the Older Sandwich Generation

Due in part to the advances of science and medicine, humans are living longer than ever before, resulting in a new role for the sandwich generation (adults providing care for both children and aging parents): the role of the boomerang generation. [Read more…]

Good News: We’ve Got Top Tips for Living with Dementia

Bringing up the topic of caring for or living with dementia at your next summer pool party is a surefire way to turn a festive atmosphere into a subdued atmosphere. Whether you’ve witnessed it firsthand or know only about this disease through what you’ve read, typically the experience has involved negative connotations. And because there is still not a cure, it’s natural that an Alzheimer’s medical diagnosis in a loved one leads to several worries. [Read more…]

Dementia Treatment In Your Back Pocket

Nowadays, music is more obtainable than ever before. For individuals who carry smartphones or tablets with them every place they go, thousands – if not millions of songs – are just several touches or finger swipes away. If you provide care for a senior individual, your smartphone can become one of the most useful tools in your possession in helping an elderly person thrive by awakening his or her emotional wellbeing with music. This widely circulated video recording from the Alive Inside documentary shows just how tremendously powerful music can be as a form of dementia treatment and to help older adults with restricted abilities. [Read more…]

Light Therapy and Its Fascinating Connection Between Sleep and Alzheimer’s

Connection between Sleep and Alzheimer’sResearch scientists are shedding some new light on strategies to potentially have an impact on Alzheimer’s disease: light therapy. The benefits of light are only just beginning to be tapped into, and already are showing some intriguing and promising results between sleep and Alzheimer’s.

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Five Ways to Provide More Respectful Care for Those with Alzheimer’s

Lalja Wheelchair StoregadeLet’s be honest: caring for a loved one with dementia is tough. And with its fluctuating symptoms and multifaceted challenges, you may feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how to provide the most appropriate care. In the midst of the increased need for hands-on care, it can be easy to overlook one important aspect of dementia care: maintaining the senior’s dignity.

At Regency Home Care, we understand firsthand these challenges, and have devoted special training and attention to ensuring that our clients with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia are cared for at all times with the utmost respect.

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Alzheimer’s Simulation: Take a Walk Through Dementia

dementia care servicesIt happens to all of us: we forget where we left our keys, we know that person looks familiar but just can’t think of her name, we wonder for a moment just what day it is. But for those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, loss of memory, combined with other cognitive issues and confusion, takes these struggles and frustrations to a whole new level that most of us have been unable to comprehend. [Read more…]

Learn How Kindness Trumps Agitation in Alzheimer’s Patients

dementia careIf your loved one struggles with the effects of Alzheimer’s, each day may feel like a roll of the dice – will today be a good day or a bad day? The challenging behaviors of Alzheimer’s disease can be difficult to deal with, but there’s a new tool available now to help Alzheimer’s caregivers better handle such difficult behaviors as agitation and aggression, and may even help reduce the use of antipsychotics. [Read more…]

Behavior and Mood Stabilization in Alzheimer’s Is Now a Reality!

Alzheimer's careWithout a doubt, one of the most challenging aspects of Alzheimer’s is the disturbing and often unpredictable swings in behavior and mood, taking a toll on both the person suffering from Alzheimer’s and those who care for him or her. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the personality changes experienced can be the determining factor for families in deciding whether it’s possible to keep their loved one at home, or if a move to a residential facility is necessary. [Read more…]