Is It Possible to Go Overboard with Senior Health Care?

Mature radiologist talking to senior patient.Most people want the most effective medical care for our family and friends, but is it possible that in some cases, less is the most beneficial? Based upon a recent report published in Plos One by Dr. Martin Makary, professor of surgery and health policy at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, a full 21% of treatment people receive is unneeded – meaning that huge numbers of patients put through various treatment plans, tests and scans are receiving little or no benefit. And these types of unwarranted healthcare services come at a price: up to $210 billion on a yearly basis, as revealed by the National Academy of Medicine. [Read more…]

Need Care at Home After a Surgery? Home Care Helps Family Caregivers in Atlanta

A surgery or unplanned hospitalization can throw families for a loop, especially when it is time for the person to come home from the hospital. Most family members who take on the care of a loved one following a hospitalization also have full-time jobs, small children, and other responsibilities to manage as well. In-home care from a full service home care agency, like Regency Home Care, can make life much easier for family caregivers while ensuring their loved ones are in excellent hands.

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Questions to Ask About Post-Surgery Care

home care of atlantaWhen leaving the hospital, most people assume that their physician or the hospital discharge planner will tell them everything they need to know about how to care for themselves at home. Unfortunately, that isn’t usually the case, and it is important for patients to plan in advance for what they can and can’t do for themselves once they are home.

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