Professional Care at Home After a Hospitalization or Illness

Companion CareAn unexpected hospitalization and a planned surgery have one thing in common: when coming home, it is hard to know at what level you will function and how long it will take to resume normal activities. Whether for a few days or a longer term, pre-arranging a Regency Home Care caregiver who understands the specific care requirements can provide you with the comfort needed to focus on recuperation or rehabilitation, while the caregiver also keeps the household running smoothly. Regency Home Care provides whatever help is needed, including:

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Common Causes and Supportive Responses for Alzheimer’s-Related Behaviors

Especially with middle to late stage Alzheimer’s, oftentimes a person cannot express how he or she feels with words and instead communicates feelings through behavior. Successfully dealing with problem behaviors in persons with Alzheimer’s disease begins by: [Read more…]

A Primer on Home Care

Can’t make heads or tails of home care options? Who is covered? Who pays? Who is eligible? Can home care be covered in assisted living or a retirement community? For those who are seeking ways to age more comfortably with in-home care, look no further. Regency Home Care in the North Atlanta area can easily assess the situation, determine which requirements need to be addressed, and assist with available options – engaging Georgia home health care services quickly if necessary. [Read more…]

Care Coordination

When choosing to recuperate at home or stay at home when frailty necessitates assistance, the orchestration of care needs and home services is most effectively conducted with a fully capable agency.  Regency Home Care, a leading provider of home care in Atlanta, has experience in seamlessly arranging, coordinating and monitoring a multitude of services to make in-home care a comfortable, successful experience based on individual needs and desires. [Read more…]

Warning Signs that Care is Needed

Sometimes the fear of losing independence can make a frail senior try to hide signs that help is needed. Families can also be in denial that their loved ones require more assistance.  If you would like to explore whether or not it is time for home care, contact Regency Home Care, providers of home health care in Atlanta, GA for an in-home assessment. [Read more…]