Healthy Nutrition for the Elderly – New Research on Saturated Fat and Your Heart

Healthy Nutrition for the ElderlyIt’s hard to make dietary choices that provide healthy nutrition for the elderly when recommendations seem to change from one week to the next. We’d been told that saturated fats from sources such as butter, red meat and fried food were detrimental, but later research indicated there wasn’t enough proof that those who gave up these delicacies improved their heart health – and so, we were given the green light to choose butter over margarine once again.

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Seniors: Consider Adding These Five Vitamins to Your Daily Routine

Five VitaminsTake just a moment and think of how your senior loved ones were feeling during your last visit. Were they full of energy, vigor and vim, ready to take life on with enthusiasm? Or were they lethargic, sluggish, complaining of feeling weary and worn out? Physical complications and illnesses aside, feeling run down and fatigued is not a normal aspect of aging, but can simply be an indicator of poor nutrition.

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What Does “Healthy Eating” Mean?

Most of us know that staying healthy includes making smart food choices and being physically active. But we’re not always sure what healthy eating really means.

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