Don’t Settle for Cookie Cutter Care at Home

Buckhead home careThe best thing about humankind is that each and every one is totally unique, and that does not change merely because of growing older. As we mature, we remain the unique and intricate individuals that we have been our whole lives. Expecting all seniors to act the same and require the very same things is a cookie cutter approach that just does not work for older adults or those who take care of them. Providing care to older individuals necessitates a creative and careful approach that enables the caregiver to evaluate just who an older adult is and what the person’s distinct needs are to decide on the best plan of care to keep the senior healthy and well at home. [Read more…]

Palliative and Hospice Care: Understanding the Differences Can Be Life-Changing

Palliative and Hospice CareIf you’ve walked beside a senior loved one struggling through a difficult diagnosis, perhaps you’ve felt the heart-dropping sensation that so many families experience when a doctor suggests looking into palliative care. Our society has somehow defined palliative care as a last resort endeavor to be avoided at all cost, but the aging care experts at Regency Home Care would like to clear up this misconception in an effort to help seniors throughout Atlanta to live more comfortable and fulfilling lives.

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Top 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Home Care Agency

Choosing a Home Care AgencyWhen it’s time for a little day-to-day assistance, most older adults wish to age in place in the comfort of home; however, when assistance is needed, shopping for in-home care can be a bit overwhelming. How can you tell a bad agency from a good agency, or a good agency from a great one? What important things do you need to know about the services a home care agency provides?

The senior care experts at Regency Home Care of Georgia have compiled some of the top questions you should ask when interviewing home care agencies, including:

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Important Facts About Hospice Care in Atlanta

When a loved one enters into hospice care, it can be a confusing and overwhelming time for the family. What does hospice really mean? Who cares for my loved one during this time? Should my loved one be in a hospital instead? The following are some important facts about hospice to help families better understand the process of working with hospice. [Read more…]

Have Yourself A Safe And Happy Holiday: Safety Tips for Atlanta Area Seniors

Few things are more beautiful than a home decorated for the holidays. All the lights, trees, ornaments, and tchotchkes seem to put even the grinchiest of grinches in the holiday spirits. However, for an elderly person, holiday décor can also be hazardous. When you’re decking your halls this season, keep the safety of your older loved ones in mind with these tips: [Read more…]

A Primer on Home Care

Can’t make heads or tails of home care options? Who is covered? Who pays? Who is eligible? Can home care be covered in assisted living or a retirement community? For those who are seeking ways to age more comfortably with in-home care, look no further. Regency Home Care in the North Atlanta area can easily assess the situation, determine which requirements need to be addressed, and assist with available options – engaging Georgia home health care services quickly if necessary. [Read more…]

Warning Signs that Care is Needed

Sometimes the fear of losing independence can make a frail senior try to hide signs that help is needed. Families can also be in denial that their loved ones require more assistance.  If you would like to explore whether or not it is time for home care, contact Regency Home Care, providers of home health care in Atlanta, GA for an in-home assessment. [Read more…]