Manage Dementia Mood Swings with These Atlanta Home Health Care Tips

Home Health Care In Atlanta, GA, if you are caregiving for a spouse or parent with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, you know all too well the varied and complex behaviors associated with the disease, and one of the most difficult is the change in moods – the night and day difference from that sweet, kind person into a bitter, fussy bully. These outbursts can be devastating for a family caregiver who has been so selfless and dedicated in providing care for the senior.

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Microchip Brain Implant Could Restore Memory

dementia care AtlantaSome might say that the human brain is the most complex and highly sophisticated computer of all. Soon, some say in less than two years, the human brain could be aided by the external computer hardware of a highly specialized microchip designed to restore memory. Sounds like science fiction, but the reality is closer than ever before. [Read more…]

Professional Care at Home After a Hospitalization or Illness

Companion CareAn unexpected hospitalization and a planned surgery have one thing in common: when coming home, it is hard to know at what level you will function and how long it will take to resume normal activities. Whether for a few days or a longer term, pre-arranging a Regency Home Care caregiver who understands the specific care requirements can provide you with the comfort needed to focus on recuperation or rehabilitation, while the caregiver also keeps the household running smoothly. Regency Home Care provides whatever help is needed, including:

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Top Tips from Regency Home Care of Georgia for Caring for a Loved One with Parkinson’s Disease

During the early stages of Parkinson’s disease, the majority of a person’s care can be provided in the home from family caregivers. However, Parkinson’s can present some unique challenges for caregivers. The following are some tips to help family members provide better care for their loved ones. [Read more…]