Could Routine Hospitalization Result in Delirium?

She's kind and compassionateIt may seem inevitable for seniors, especially those with a chronic illness, to spend a fair amount of time in the hospital. And, relatively routine hospital visits may seem to be nothing more than an inconvenience. There’s an unexpected danger to be aware of, however, that is growing at an alarming rate: hospitalization delirium.

Affecting as many as 7 million hospitalized Americans each year, the triggers for developing delirium seem to be related to heavy sedation and use of ventilators in intensive care units, as well as longer hospital stays; but delirium is occurring among those recovering from routine and easily treated conditions as well. Other potential causes include use of anti-anxiety medications, and perhaps even the hospital environment itself. And, it can linger on for months after a patient is discharged.

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Questions to Ask About Post-Surgery Care

home care of atlantaWhen leaving the hospital, most people assume that their physician or the hospital discharge planner will tell them everything they need to know about how to care for themselves at home. Unfortunately, that isn’t usually the case, and it is important for patients to plan in advance for what they can and can’t do for themselves once they are home.

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Professional Care at Home After a Hospitalization or Illness

Companion CareAn unexpected hospitalization and a planned surgery have one thing in common: when coming home, it is hard to know at what level you will function and how long it will take to resume normal activities. Whether for a few days or a longer term, pre-arranging a Regency Home Care caregiver who understands the specific care requirements can provide you with the comfort needed to focus on recuperation or rehabilitation, while the caregiver also keeps the household running smoothly. Regency Home Care provides whatever help is needed, including:

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