The Most Common Elderly Medication Errors and How to Avoid Them

Medication ErrorsWe all recognize that medications can save lives, but most of us have heard alarming stories about patients who have been given incorrect medication – either due to an issue with the health care provider or pharmacy. What many people don’t think about is that there is a hidden risk even when we get the correct medication — the danger of non-adherence. [Read more…]

The Difficulties of Elderly Medication Management and How to Overcome Them

elderly medication managementThere are literally thousands of prescription drugs obtainable in America, and nearly one-third of all adults take five or more of these drugs per day. If you happen to be a care provider for a senior friend or family member, the intricacy of dealing with the prescriptions, interactions and doses can be overwhelming. In fact, research has shown that 55% of prescription medications are not taken accurately for a wide variety of reasons, and the results can be severe. [Read more…]

Caregivers in Atlanta Beware: Pill Organizers Can Be a Hidden Danger for Seniors

caregivers in atlantaWith the average senior taking anywhere between 15 and 18 different prescriptions each day, it’s certainly easy to understand the prevalence of missed or incorrect doses – and the health risks that go along with those. In fact, many caregivers in Atlanta wish they could find a solution to help senior loved ones maintain better medication adherence. Enter the pill organizer: such a simple concept of placing the correct meds into the appropriate little boxes each day. Problem solved, right? [Read more…]