Are You Too Domineering? How Some Adults Are Bullying Senior Parents

Adults Are Bullying Senior ParentsEverywhere you look these days, campaigns against bullying are popping up. We’re now a zero tolerance society when it comes to bullying, and a rough and tough ten-year-old can no longer get away with teasing and tormenting his classmates. But is it reasonable to consider that there could be another, less noticeable type of bullying taking place – that of bullying senior parents where we’re reversing roles with them in an attempt to parent them, thus overstepping certain boundaries? Our parents may make different choices than we would, and that is ok. We should respect their choices as often as we can, keeping safety in mind of course.

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Positive Aging Tips from the North Atlanta Home Care Experts

Positive Aging Far from the stereotypical picture of aging, which may once have included images of frailty, disability, and deteriorated health, new research points to evidence that turning around our state of mind can actually lead to a much more positive aging experience.

Studies like the one conducted at the Yale School of Public Health are showing that our attitude towards aging can develop into self-fulfilling prophecies, with real physical damage resulting from negative, stereotypical expectations of growing older.

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Finding Meaning and Purpose Is Vital at Every Age, Especially as Life Expectancy Increases

Positive aging with home care of atlantaOne hundred years ago, a person could only expect to live into his or her mid-50s. In today’s world, many people can expect to live well into their 80s, 90s, and even become centenarians. Never before in history have so many human beings lived for so long. This new longevity in our population creates a whole new segment of society that we haven’t seen in previous years and that has its own set of unique needs and aspirations. What’s more is that this trend is predicted to continue, as adults 60 and over are the fastest growing segment of the population – not just in the United States, but globally. [Read more…]