Are You Too Domineering? How Some Adults Are Bullying Senior Parents

Adults Are Bullying Senior ParentsEverywhere you look these days, campaigns against bullying are popping up. We’re now a zero tolerance society when it comes to bullying, and a rough and tough ten-year-old can no longer get away with teasing and tormenting his classmates. But is it reasonable to consider that there could be another, less noticeable type of bullying taking place – that of bullying senior parents where we’re reversing roles with them in an attempt to parent them, thus overstepping certain boundaries? Our parents may make different choices than we would, and that is ok. We should respect their choices as often as we can, keeping safety in mind of course.

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National Bath Safety Month: Elderly Care Makes Bathtime a Safe Time for Seniors

Elderly CareHow could something that’s so comforting and soothing, like a nice, warm bath, become one of the biggest dangers to seniors? The truth is, the combination of slick surfaces, slippery shampoo and very warm water creates the perfect storm for a fall risk – one of the most severe risks to seniors.

January is designated as National Bath Safety Month, and it’s a great time for both training and assessment to ensure your senior loved ones’ bathroom environments are as safe as possible.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that approximately 370 people of all ages suffer tub or shower-related accidents each day in the United States, but elderly care services, like those provided by Regency Home Care in Atlanta, GA, can help reduce bathtime hazards and keep seniors safe and secure. Because most falls in the home take place in the bathroom, AARP advises taking the following preventative measures:

  • Put in grab bars for the toilet, shower, and tub
  • Install non-skid tile or use non-skid bath mats
  • Set the temperature of the home’s hot water heater to 120 degrees F or lower to prevent scalds
  • Provide a transfer bench to get in and out of the bathtub if prone to falling when stepping over the tub wall
  • Provide a bath chair to enable bathers to sit while bathing
  • Apply no-slip strips to the tub and shower floor, or provide a slip-resistant mat
  • Wipe up any water spills on the floor immediately

It’s also a good idea to assess whether it could be worthwhile for a senior to make use of a mobile commode, which may be placed at a bedside to relieve nighttime bathroom requirements. Bedside commodes can reduce the risk of evening falls, and may also be placed directly over the toilet, which is generally sturdier than a raised toilet seat. Features to look for when purchasing a commode:

  • Non-removable armrests
  • Rubber tips on the legs as opposed to wheels
  • A frame that is sturdy
  • Both a pail (with lid) and a sleeve (for use over the toilet)

Standard, basic commodes can cost anywhere between $60 and $250, although more complex, specialized commodes, such as those that have tilting mechanisms, can run as high as $3,000.

AARP also provides a helpful bathroom checklist with design directions that can help seniors and their families make the most appropriate home modification decisions.

Regency Home Care of Georgia can additionally help with bathroom safety for seniors. We can provide an in-home safety assessment and suggestions, and by offering expert, hands-on elderly care assistance at bathtime, can help ensure that seniors remain safe throughout all of their bathroom needs – always delivered with the utmost respect and regard for dignity and privacy. Contact us at (678) 999-2446 for more information about our wide array of Atlanta in-home care services.

Personal Care Tip: Creating Joy Around Bath Time

Personal CareWhat feels more soothing than sinking into a warm, relaxing bath at the end of a lengthy, demanding day? While most of us relish the wonderful comfort that a bath brings, for seniors, especially those struggling with the challenges of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, personal care is certainly not blissful.

For a number of reasons, such as memory issues, feelings of vulnerability, or physical discomfort from the pressure or temperature associated with the water, assisting a senior with washing can feel more like entering a battleground.

Regency Home Care in Atlanta wants to help restore the joy of bath time for both the senior and his or her caregiver with these personal care tips:

  • Ensure safety. Keeping the bath area free from hazards is crucial. Make sure that:
    • Grab bars and mats that are slip-resistant are strategically placed in and around the tub
    • The water temperature is comfortable (around 100 – 101 degrees is best)
    • By no means should you ever leave a senior with dementia unsupervised in the bathroom
  • Be innovative. Who says one person’s bath time experience has to be like everybody else’s? Try thinking outside of the box to find what works best for your senior loved one:
    • In the event that the senior delights in music, try singing or playing some favorite songs as a distraction
    • Try a “dry” bed bath using no-rinse soap, dry shampoo, and a warm, moist towel
    • Each day over the period of a week, incorporate a seven-day bath, which involves cleaning just a portion of the body
    • Helping the older person with both toileting and cleaning simultaneously can be effective for those experiencing a high level of anxiety or agitation
  • Allow control. One of the most difficult aspects of being cared for is losing independence. Assist the older adult to regain a sense of control through:
    • Offering choices
    • Enlisting his or her support (i.e., holding the washcloth or bottle of shampoo)

It could take some trial and error to find out what makes your elderly loved one most comfortable. Additionally, she or he will detect any frustrations you’re feeling, which could escalate the level of agitation for both of you. A healthy dose of persistence and a sense of humor can go a long way towards helping the older adult relax.

For more personal care tips on how to turn tears to smiles during bath time, contact Regency Home Care. Our professional in-home senior care experts can assist with a complete range of personal care services, including washing, toileting, dressing, hair and skin care, and much more. Partnering with Regency Home Care gives family members the freedom to spend more quality time with their senior loved one, and also to take a much-needed break to rest and recharge. Contact our Atlanta senior care experts today at (678) 999-2446 to learn more.

Palliative and Hospice Care: Understanding the Differences Can Be Life-Changing

Palliative and Hospice CareIf you’ve walked beside a senior loved one struggling through a difficult diagnosis, perhaps you’ve felt the heart-dropping sensation that so many families experience when a doctor suggests looking into palliative care. Our society has somehow defined palliative care as a last resort endeavor to be avoided at all cost, but the aging care experts at Regency Home Care would like to clear up this misconception in an effort to help seniors throughout Atlanta to live more comfortable and fulfilling lives.

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Why Hiring Private Caregivers Is Risky Business

Hiring Private Caregivers When Mom and Dad need some help at home, the search for good, quality in-home care can be a bit mind-boggling. Do you hire a professional home care agency or the lady down the street who says she has experience caring for seniors and whose rates are a little less? When families turn to private caregivers for their loved ones, the decision is usually driven by cost. After all, it is cheaper to cut out the middle man and just hire a caregiver on your own, right? Well, not always. There are actually several hidden costs and significant risks that come with hiring a caregiver on your own.

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Top 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Home Care Agency

Choosing a Home Care AgencyWhen it’s time for a little day-to-day assistance, most older adults wish to age in place in the comfort of home; however, when assistance is needed, shopping for in-home care can be a bit overwhelming. How can you tell a bad agency from a good agency, or a good agency from a great one? What important things do you need to know about the services a home care agency provides?

The senior care experts at Regency Home Care of Georgia have compiled some of the top questions you should ask when interviewing home care agencies, including:

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Becoming a Better Caregiver: How to Balance Concern and Respect

Becoming a Better CaregiverAs our parents age and we begin to witness signs that they’re slowing down, it’s a natural tendency for us to experience a heightened level of concern for them. And it’s also natural to want to do all we can to help those we love who have spent their lives taking care of us. If we’re not careful, however, we may find ourselves slipping into more of a take-charge than a supportive role.

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Regency Home Care Reveals The Holiday Surprise You DON’T Want to Unwrap

helping hand conceptComing home for the holidays is something we all long for, to be with the extended family we’re unable to see as much as we’d like. And although we may stay in touch with our loved ones from afar through phone calls, emails, and old-fashioned letter writing, there’s nothing better than wrapping your arms around that special family member and seeing her smile in person.

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Answers to Your Top Atlanta Home Care Questions

iStock_000048769226_MediumAs we shared in our last blog, nursing home care in Atlanta is no longer necessarily inevitable, as there are a full range of caregiving services that can now be provided at home. If you’re in the beginning stages of exploring Atlanta area home care options, it’s likely you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the unknowns: Is home care a possibility for my senior loved ones? Does Medicare cover costs? What other options are there for paying for care? At Regency Home Care, we field questions like these all the time, and offer you the following answers:

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Four Options of Care That Can Keep Your Senior Loved Ones Out of a Nursing Home

Caregiver Helping SeniorFor many seniors in the Atlanta area, the thought of moving into a nursing home is an unpleasant one. Who wouldn’t want to remain in the comfort and familiarity of home, where they can decide independently when to wake up, when and what to eat, who to spend time with, etc.? Thankfully, aging in place at home today is a reality for many seniors in Atlanta, due to the variety of home care services available. Here are four types of care that can be provided right at home:

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