Dementia and Sundowning: Help Is on the Way!

Dementia and SundowningFor people caregiving for a family member with Alzheimer’s, as the day comes to a close, the caregiving stress can intensify. As the sun goes down, many persons with Alzheimer’s experience agitation, fearfulness and restlessness. This condition, called sundowning, can be stressful for both the caregiver and the person with Alzheimer’s. Frustrations escalate as members of the family try to help keep the elderly adult relaxed and safe and assist with his or her dementia and sundowning, while trying to get some rest themselves. [Read more…]

Could Sundowning Be Curable?

Alzheimer's care Regency Home Care of North AtlantaFor those with loved ones affected by Alzheimer’s disease, sundowning is unfortunately all too familiar: restlessness, anxiety, or agitation during the evenings, compounded by fragmented sleep patterns. While it’s been thought that the culprit was a broken biological clock in Alzheimer’s patients, causing the inability to regulate the body’s sleep-wake system, new research is proving otherwise. Rather than an irreversible break, it seems more likely that it’s a matter of a disconnect – and potentially, there’s a way to correct it.
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