Managing Arthritis in the Winter

What is arthritis?

It is pain in the joints caused by inflammation, or break down of cartilage (the tissue between joints that absorbs impact), lack of fluid in the joints or an auto-immune disease (rheumatoid arthritis.) Though conclusive evidence as to the link between cold weather and pain does not seem to exist, ask anyone who suffers from arthritis when their symptoms are the worst and they will probably all answer “in the winter.”

Though many of us—especially the elderly—choose to stay indoors during winter, this sedentary lifestyle might actually make us feel worse. It is important to stay active year round to decrease arthritis symptoms and to maintain overall health. [Read more…]

Preparing for Winter Weather

In the event of severe winter weather, it is crucial to have storm plan in place. Here are some steps to keep you and your loved ones safe.

  • Stay indoors. Tune into the radio or your favorite TV news station for all of the latest weather updates.
  • Always implement fire safety. Be mindful of electric appliances, heating vents, outlets and cords. Always use fireplaces and wood stoves in well ventilated area, and be careful or flames or having objects near the fireplace that could catch fire. Always have a fire extinguisher handy and know how to use it.
  • Layers! Wear layers of loose fitting clothes to preserve body heat, and remove a layer if you start feeling too warm. Wear socks to prevent heat loss, cover up with a blanket, and even wear a cap if you are feeling cold. Remove any clothing that becomes wet and replace it with dry clothing.
  • Stay hydrated and eat regularly. Your body needs food and water for energy and to help you stay warm. [Read more…]